Basic Rules - Frequently Asked Questions (not including Street Series Shootout)
Drive Shaft Loop :  If you drive a street vehicle 8.14 seconds or slower
with street tires no drive shaft loop is required
Clutch,Flywheel,flywheel shield : flywheel and clutch meeting sfi
spec 1.1 or 1.2 mandatory on any car running 7.35 or quicker, flywheel

shield meeting sfi spec 6.1,6.2,6.3, or 9.1 mandatory on cars running 7.35 or quicker
∑ Stnd Trans :  scattershield mandatory 7.49 sec & quicker
∑ Automatic Trans :  neutral safety switch
∑ Trans Shield : mandatory 6.99 sec & quicker
∑ SFI Flexplate : mandatory 6.39 sec & quicker
∑ SFI Flexplate Shield : mandatory 6.39 sec & quicker
∑ SFI Clutch : mandatory 7.49 sec & quicker
∑ Roll Bar : mandatory 7.00 - 7.35 sec & convertibles running 7.00 to 8.25
∑ Roll Cage : mandatory 6.99 & quicker; full
body no alterations to firewall
 or floor; roll bar permitted to 6.4 sec
∑ Window Net : mandatory if roll cage required
∑ Hood : optional; carb must have flash shield
∑ Fuel lines : maximum of 12 inches of rubber fuel line total front to rear.fuel
lines must be of approved material(consult nhra rulebook)
∑ Fuel cells and or tanks : all fuel tanks/cells
must be totally
isolated from the drivers compartment by a firewall,
completely sealed
to prevent any fuel from entering compartment.
fuel cells must have a metal box
protecting the part of the fuel cell
that is outside of the body or trunk floor.
∑ Axle retention : aftermarket axles and axle retention devices mandatory on
any cars running 6.99 or faster or any car with a locked differential(spool)
∑ Windshield :  mandatory stock bodied
∑ Batteries : must be securely mounted; NO BUNGIES!
∑ Kill Switch : rear of vehicle 6.39 & quicker or if battery is relocated to rear
∑ Fire Extinguisher : good idea but not mandatory
∑ Arm Restraints : required open body car 7.49 & quicker
∑ License : valid drivers mandatory; competition license required 6.39 or quicker
∑ Seat Belts : mandatory in all cars; competition type required 7.49 & quicker;
expired belts will be allowed in cars running 7.49 & slower after passing a visual
inspection by tech
∑ Helmets : mandatory in all classes. Any vehicle 7.49 or faster must have a
Snell rating of 95 or newer. Helmet painting is allowed but it can not cover any
approval or certification decals.
∑ Protective Clothing : shorts, bare legs, muscle shirts or bare torsos PROHIBITED!
 competition jacket 6.40-7.49; jacket pants & gloves 4.50-6.39; full body, altered
firewall or floor with blower or nitrous, jackets, pants, boots, gloves required.
Neck Collars manditory if running 6.39 or quicker.
∑ Bikes & Sleds : boots covering ankle mandatory, gloves & jacket mandatory
∑ Must be 69 years of age or younger to race because of our insurance policy
∑ Nitrous bottles in Passenger compartment must be vented outside by
approved venting kit. If Nitrous is in the trunk, it must be vented outside if no
firewall exists between passenger compartment and trunk area.
∑ Aftermarket computers are only allowed for tunning ( ie time trials) and
 are not allowed once eliminations have begun . After market computers are
not to be accessible from the drivers compartment.
∑ All suspension modifications differentiating from guidelines must be
approved by the T.D.R.A.
∑ Teching is from 8:00 a.m. - Drivers meeting. Any cars needing to be
Teched after meeting will be done on an "as soon as we can" basis
(our Tech guys are racers too).
SAFETY INFRACTIONS: If at any time during qualifying or eliminationís,
an entry exceeds the MPH or ET for which the car or driver are safely certified,
 or if the driver or car are found to be in violation of any other safety standards,
 the T.D.R.A.has the sole authority to: (1) restrict the driver and vehicle from
further runs until the problem is remedied or (2) disqualify the entry from the
 event. There is no recourse through the T.D.R.A. for any safety infraction
rulings made by the host track safety inspectors. If a vehicle during eliminationís
exceeds the MPH or ET that it is teched for, that vehicle will be immediately
 disqualified from further competition and the opponent he/she was racing will
advance in the eliminationís. If a car exceeds its MPH/ET rating during
qualifying it will receive one warning from the T.D.R.A. prior to disqualification.

ELIGIBILITY-CAR: An individual vehicle cannot be used for multiple
entry and hold multiple qualified positions in either a single eliminator or 
in multiple points earning eliminators.
ELIGIBILITY-DRIVER: The T.D.R.A. with the approval of the Tech
Director, has the option of allowing a vehicle change, but only under certain conditions:
*All previous event times are voided for vehicles and drivers involved.
*Changes must be made, and the driver re-qualify, during the normal
scheduled qualifying rounds for the event. No changes are permitted once 
eliminations have begun.
*Driver must stay within class and category entered.

These are a few of the rules that you will be required to meet in order to
compete at a T.D.R.A. event. We recommend that you obtain a copy of the
N.H.R.A. rulebook and read it over. Please pay attention to your class only!
We operate under the ET BRACKET rules, (pages 22-28). You only need
to read Section 1A and the general regs. The other pages are for classes we do not run.